inStream Media, Inc.

connecting brands with customers

inStream Media, Inc. (“inStream”) provides retailers with the technology to print real-time, targeted advertisements on the front of point-of-sale receipts based on customer-specific purchase data – with eye-catching graphics – without costly software upgrades or additional hardware. It takes advantage of a proven touchpoint to shape consumer behavior, by utilizing point-of-sale on-receipt marketing to reward customers with value offers to increase store visits, notify them of upcoming sales or events, or direct them to another channel via a URL, SMS opt-in message or QR code. Retailers can also enjoy an additional profit stream by placing third party advertisements from complementary brands on receipts from inStream’s network of national brand partners. With inStream, POS marketing is an effective, low-cost and quick-to-implement starting point for omnichannel strategy.

inStream connects brands with consumers, creating value for everyone in the process. As a leader in real-time targeted marketing delivery solutions, it works closely with brands and retailers to develop long and short-term strategies and campaigns that reach across today’s marketing channels, connecting with consumers as they go about their daily lives through on-receipt point-of-sale marketing, digital eReceipt and social media marketing, and mobile sms marketing programs. Together inStream and retailers engage consumers with real-time, value-added offers that enhance their shopping experience, while building loyalty and driving sales.

  • inStream offers a single source omnichannel marketing delivery program that meets today’s consumer demand for an easy and integrated shopping experience.
  • inStream enjoys a proven track record with satisfied customers that include Unilever, Clorox, Dollar General and Discover.
  • inStream’s customers leverage its retail network of over 36,000 stores and its Fortune 100 brand partners to reach consumers with unique and complementary offers.
  • InStream’s marketing analytics aggregate results across marketing channels, accurately assessing
  • Return-on-investment and gathering critical consumer insights, allowing for increasingly
  • effective messaging.
  • inStream’s in-house design and management experts make it possible to become a successful omnichannel marketer today.