Integra water filtration system from Layne Christensen (LAYN, NASDAQ), a publically traded oil and gas service company.

Next Fuel, Inc. (NXFI)

energy and technology

Next Fuel, Inc. (“Next Fuel”) sold its Coal to Gas Technology (except US) to its Chinese affiliate in 2014. It used proceeds from the sale to acquire the Integra water filtration system from Layne Christensen (LAYN, NASDAQ), a publically traded oil and gas service company. With that acquisition, Next Fuel has become a technology provider and service company that assists owners of oil and natural gas production resources to increase the efficiency of their operations, along with providing technology and technical support services. Its technology and services are all in various stages of development and include:

  • Disk Filtration Technology (DFT) to remove suspended solids from 200 microns to as small as 5 microns in size for the oil and gas industry, agricultural applications, food industry, and various other industrial and commercial applications.
  • Low Energy Input Pervaporation Technology (LPV), targeting dissolved solids, to clean up water used in oil and natural gas production, including hydraulic fracturing drilling.
  • Coal to Gas Technology (CTG) for extracting natural gas from coal.
  • Carbon Dioxide to Product Technology (CTP) that targets the emerging market of carbon footprint elimination.



Next Fuel’s current corporate focus is on treating produced water and hydraulic fracturing flow–back waters in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas water treatment in the US is an $18+ billion per year business that is ever-increasing as more wells are brought on in the expanding shale basins throughout the country. Next Fuel concentrates on identifying and acquiring or developing a portfolio of growth opportunities with compelling market values for clean energy and environmental stewardship, including collaborations with leading research institutes in the US and other countries.

In addition, Next Fuel is exploring opportunities in the food processing industry, which uses massive amounts of water in butchering and packaging beef, pork, and chicken. Removing solids from the water allows reuse in situations where potable water is not required.

Given the droughts in the southwest and in California, Next Fuel is also exploring recycling water for use in irrigation of crops. In the case of water uncontaminated with chemicals or pesticides, the removal of solids allows for the reuse in the irrigation of crops.