Located within walking distance of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, Arenas del Mar is an extraordinary beachfront and rainforest resort catering to travelers looking for more than the typical luxury hotel experience.

Arenas del Mar

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Arenas del Mar is a unique hotel in Costa Rica that has given birth to a new age of sustainable tourism and many believe is the most ambitious, creative, and environmentally sound project in Central America. This is a vision that has excited a plethora of enthusiastic people, renowned architects, designers, artisans, and hoteliers, as well as important government officials. The result is the fulfilling marriage of high-end tourism and ecology. What began as a wonderful vision encompassing the most inspiring property in Manuel Antonio has evolved into a wonderful project that not only met the promise of a landscape of pristine beautiful beaches but also a superior quality lifestyle for the most discerning tastes. Arenas del Mar is wholly owned by Playa Dulce Vida S.A., a company incorporated in Costa Rica HOF currently owns approximately 70% of Playa Dulce Vida S.A.

Arenas del Mar represents the future for Costa Rican tourism. It has set a new standard for the marriage between responsible development and ecology, proving that protecting our environment does not mean compromising a high quality business or superior guest experience. It has proven that not only is this possible, but that it is compatible and also highly desirable. From this we have found that an expanding segment of high income tourists have taken to the concept and continue to seek experiences that include facilities that are ecologically and community minded.

Exclusive Beachfront Property

The Arenas del Mar property is over 11 acres (4.8 hectares) in size and is situated on and above “Playa Espadilla,” Manuel Antonio’s renowned main beach, and “Playa Sylvia,” a semi-private beach cove connected directly to the property. The entire area is situated only a kilometer walking distance away along the silver sanded shoreline of Playa Espadilla from the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park. Arenas del Mar is well known for its lush tropical flora and fauna and seemingly endless intertwining trails that lead throughout the property to unparalleled cliff top views down to the gorgeous sandy beaches at their base.

Arenas del Mar is more than the first true beachfront hotel in Manuel Antonio. It is the manifestation of the first 100% sustainable development tourism project in Costa Rica, utilizing all the requirements of the CST (Certificación de Sostenibilidad Turística – Certification for Sustainable Tourism) manual during construction and now in operation, receiving the highest level of this Certification--5 out of the possible 5 Green Leaves.

Environmental Sustainability

Arenas del Mar had completed extensive environmental impact studies, including seismic, geological, hydrological and soil studies, and in 1997 contracted INISEFOR (a university sponsored biological study institute) to position and catalog every tree over 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter on the legal survey maps. The entire allowable construction footprint is 40% of the total land area, but once this project is complete, its total construction footprint will cover only 30% of the land. In addition, a portion of the land has been dedicated to create a nursery where the project had planted over 2,000 indigenous tropical trees and thousands of native plants. Phase one has seen the construction of 38 luxury rooms in 7 separate structures. The most modern of technologies have been incorporated within the property, such as fiber optics, underground cabling, solar panels, copper-silver ionization pool filtering/water purification systems which eliminate the need for harmful chemical treatments, energy-efficient lighting, a highly advanced ozone infusion system for the laundry, an ionization system for lightning protection and modern recycling program are in place with the permitting plans in process for a sophisticated waste-water treatment plant that eliminates the need for leech lines and return the waste water to potable water to be used for watering of plants. The 5 Green Leaves and 5 stars made Arenas del Mar the first hotel to be created with both of these standards in mind and then achieved. Arenas del Mar seeks to demonstrate that a world-class resort can successfully combine the highest levels of sustainability, rigorous standards in environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. We are completely carbon neutral.

Media Recognition

Arenas del Mar has now been in operation since November of 2007. Since that time the hotel has seen continuous improvements in its performance and growth in market share, as per the plan. Arenas del Mar has been recognized in its young history by several of the most prestigious sources. These include Condé Nast Traveler, Andrew Harper Hideaway Report, Forbes Travelers, Frommer’s, and Fodor’s, to mention a few.

Arenas del Mar occupancy has and continues to grow in comparison to the average occupancy of all hotels in Costa Rica of 44.1%, as per the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism. ADM also exceeded the hotels within the small distinctive hotel group, as well as the Four Seasons, J.W. Marriott, and Marriott, with estimates from the managers of those hotels to be under 50% for the same period. During that period we also implemented 4 room rate increases. The occupancy ranges from full occupancy during the holiday periods, to 92% in the high season and 75% to 60% in lower season.

Continuing to Expand

As we have realized a greater occupancy than all but a few hotels in Costa Rica, we have the opportunity to expand. The plan is to expand the number of available rooms from the present 38 to as many as 50 rooms. This will allow us to take advantage of business we currently cannot accommodate. This lost opportunity is due to the hotel not having enough rooms when the demand is at its greatest and/or due to its inability to accommodate all individuals without requiring the guest to move from room to room in order to meet all guests’ requests. The operation is also missing the opportunity to attract larger groups, such as business retreats in the green (low) season, large family gatherings, larger tour groups and larger wedding parties.

The addition of the rooms will also allow Arenas del Mar to take advantage of its already well-established food and beverage infrastructure (kitchen and two restaurant/bar complexes) as well as the tours, transports, spa, and store we presently offer. These will allow us to increase our revenues significantly in those departments. These revenues are part of the projections listed above.